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lmaooo, at first I was like this but will not spoil y it was named bleached (unless u don't know and do want to know then comment lol)
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there has been mention to the fact that bleach cleanses and a shinigami cleanses the spirt of hollows, from all the sins they committed as hollows
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@KennethKalgren if u ever try mixing something with bleach it will dissolve it, and still most time be bleach, due to the fact it has potent chemicals in it that lets it. I meant to say it mixes with everything most times, and not the actual formation of it.
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it doesn't actually mix, dissolving and mixing are not the same thing and all that something in bleach does is dilute it. your right that ichigo is everything but the reason why the show is bleach is wrong, just look it up bud
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Tite Kubo was going to name the anime Black at first the decided to go with the opposite which was White thought white was dumb what is a word that resembles white....and here we are. The more you know :)
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