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Nuevo single Jonas Brothers!

Pues ya tenemos el videoclip del primer single de su quinto álbum listo, se llama Pom Poms y es alucinante ¡me ha encantado! Es una canción súper pegadiza y que seguro vamos a escuchar muchas veces los próximos meses.
POMPOMPOM! yeaaaaaaaaaah
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Jonas Brothers Reunion? It's Possible.
We won't have to wait for the year 3000 for these brothers to make a comeback! Joe Jonas has recently revealed in an interview with PrideSource that the Jonas Brothers may have a reunion sometime in the near future. While his brother Nick tours with his hit singles "Jealous" and "Levels", his other brother Kevin is enjoying the married life out of the spotlight. However, it seems like Joe is completely open to heading back to the studio to make some new music. "It's easy to say we're done and that we're never doing it again, but then we both look at each other and go, 'We obviously get along,'" Joe revealed. "And who knows -- years from now we could be like, 'All right, let's make a record.'" When Joe was asked as to whether the band will likely reunite, he responded, "It could easily happen." S.O.S people, the Joe Bros are hopefully reuniting! THIS IS HUGE! It does seem appropriate though that the brothers are contemplating a return since it's been a few years since they parted in 2013. Though Joe said time has healed the reason for their split back in the day, it's really too bad they never got to go on their tour that they cancelled two days before it was set to begin. For now, the brothers are just biding time until they feel like it's time to make a comeback. "Nick and I have a few ideas to work with other artists who we really like," Joe says. "There are a couple of artists out there that we think are really incredible that we'd like to work together with. … There could be something that comes along our way that we might say, 'You know, let's try working on this song together.'" However he's still hesitant in trying not to repeat their past troubles. "Being in the situation that my brothers and I were in for so many years… you're a bit worried or nervous that you might say or do something that could set off fireworks." But all is well and Joe is looking for a hopeful reunion, " I definitely really don't let anything hold me back these days." How would you feel about a Jonas Brother's Reunion?
Battle of the Boy Bands
The boy(s) that stole our hearts from the last decade or so. The best part of growing up in the 90s is the music that was produced during that era. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight are some of my favorite solos. Apart from those the soulful artists there are the boy bands that stole my heart. I used to sing-a-long to their songs whenever they come up on the radio. On my free time, my sisters and I would try to learn their dance choreography. Fast forward to 2015, boy bands are still popular (at least among the teens). However, which boy band would actually stand the test of time? New Kids On The Block They've been active since the late 80s. Currently, they're still singing, dancing and throwing concerts. Right on! N'Sync They rivals of BSB. They would have been more popular if the group stuck together. Nonetheless, N'Sync is still one of the best boy bands out there. Backstreet Boys Most popular 90s boy band. People (like myself) are still listening to their classics. Needless to say they're an oldie but goodie The Jonas Brothers A boy band made of real bros. Seriously how cool is that? In addition, they write and compose most of their songs. It's unfortunate the boys grew up and decided to pursue their own activities. One Direction The pretty boys of today's generation. I honestly only know one song from these guys "What Makes You Beautiful" and but I have a feeling they'll be forgotten in a decade. Westlife The group that never fails to deliver emotional and touching songs. Their hit singles are still popular today and I can assure you that everyone knows at least one Westlife anthem. BBMak The underrated trio. I actually first heard of them through Disney Chanel but other than that I haven't seen them around. They have the potential but I have no idea where they went after releasing "Back Here" (shown above). 98 Degree You can think of them as the four guy band serenading mainly love songs. They have several hits but in 2003 they group decided to take a break and focus on their solo activities. They haven't make a comeback since then. The winner(s): Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block As seen from the video above the popular 80s/90s boy band still handle to make the crowd go crazy. Yes, they might be old but they're still grooving! What do yo think?
정식 부부가 된 저스틴 비버와 헤일리 비버 결혼식 엿보기
세기의 커플이 선택한 웨딩룩은? 지난해 인스타그램을 통해 재결합을 알림과 동시에 약혼과 혼인 신고 소식을 전하면서 전 세계 팬들을 놀라게 했던 세기의 커플 저스틴 비버(Justin Bieber)와 헤일리 볼드윈(이하 헤일리 비버 Hailey Rhode Bieber). 곧이어 6-10 캐럿 사이, 5억 원대를 호가하는 솔로앤코(SOLOW & CO) 결혼반지와 1억 원대를 훌쩍 넘는 오데마피게(AUDEMARS PIGUET)의 다이아몬드 시계를 커플로 착용하면서 이 커플의 어마어마한 스케일이 또 한 번 화제를 낳기도 했다. 지난 1년간 뜨거운 애정전선을 과시하며 행복한 신혼 생활을 즐기던 그들이 지난 9월 30일 미국 사우스캐롤라이나 블러프턴의 몽타주 팔메토 블러프 호텔에서 성대한 결혼식을 올렸다. 결혼식장으로 선택한 호텔은 24만 5,000평에 달하는 초호화 리조트이자, 비버의 안식처와도 같은 곳으로 알려진 공간. 하객으로 참석한 인물은 평소 헤일리 볼드윈과 상당한 친분을 자랑하던 켄달 제너, 카일리 제너, 제이든 스미스, 크리스 제너 등으로 해외 컬렉션을 방불케 하듯 154여 명의 톱 모델 라인업으로 가득했다. 화려한 결혼식 만큼이나 주목을 받았던 건 평소 패셔니 스타로도 명성이 자자한 이 커플의 웨딩룩. 둘의 두 번째 웨딩 반지는 클래식한 티파니(Tiffany) 솔리스트 링, 저스틴 비버의 턱시도는 셀린느(Celine)의 에디 슬리먼이, 헤일리 비버의 웨딩드레스는 오프 화이트(Off-White™)의 버질 아블로가 제작에 참여했다. 헤일리 비버에게 직접 드레스를 의뢰받고 흔쾌히 “Yes”라는 대답을 외쳤다는 버질 아블로는 결혼식 이후 자신의 인스타그램을 통해 드레스 디자인 도안을 공개하면서 다시금 둘의 결혼을 축복했다. 화려한 베일에 “죽음이 우리 두 사람을 갈라 놓을 때까지(TILL DEATH DO US PART)”라는 문장을 새겨 두 커플이 영원하기를 바란다는 메시지를 담아내기도.  한편, 저스틴 비버는 그녀와의 결혼으로 인생의 새로운 전환점을 맞은듯하다. 오랜 시간 우울증으로 고통의 시간을 보내면서 자연스레 멈춰졌던 음악 활동에 박차를 가한 것. 결혼과 함께 신곡 [10,000 Hours]를 발표하면서, 애타게 신곡을 기다리던 팬들에게 희소식을 안겨다 줬다. 싱어송라이터 듀오 댄+샤이(Dan+Shay)와 함께 작업한 곡은 헤일리 비버와의 달달한 모습을 담아낸 뮤비도 함께 공개해 다시금 사랑꾼임을 공식적으로 인증했다. 약혼과 결혼, 연이어 행복한 소식을 전하고 있는 그들의 미래를 축복하며 사랑스러운 그들의 모습을 아래의 뮤비에서 확인해보자. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서