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So, I just found some DOPE stuff on YouTube. I don't know of anyone already knew BTS had Chinese tracks of some of their songs, but if you didn't, I'm glad to introduce them to you (: And if you did, I'm probably a disgrace!! But bear with me!
This one is Boy in Luv. They don't have an individual Chinese version of the MV but they do have the audio. (bc, without the audio, there's really no point to a Chinese ver? haha)
And this is the Chinese version of I Need U! I've been hearing that Jin and J-Hope are the best in the group in speaking Chinese. I guess they do, but all of them still speak better Mandarin than me (considering that I am Chinese :P) Cantonese all the way!!
WHAAAAAAAAT. No I've never heard thsi! omg!!!
♥♥ glad I posted this then!! @kpopandkimchi