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(Aoharu x kikanjuu) Just finished watching both of these anime. They were pretty great! 😁 And I also secretly ship both of these guys yukimura and masamune but also masamune and hotaru #sorrynotsorry
(Owari no seraph) I really enjoyed this one, I can't wait for the second season to be completed! I recommend these for you guys, if you're into action etc (I also kind of ship these two) :x can't help it.
Have you guys watched these? Did you like them? Who is your favorite character ☺️
yeah! loved aoharu x kikanjuu. I just started Owari no Seraph. damn the first episode made an impact!
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@FeistyGoldfish im pretty sure aoharu x kikanjuu is definitely going to have a second season. I know right? When I first started watching it I was only going to watch one episode but then I needed to keep watching lol
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