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JYP just announced fan sign event for mad winter edition!
even tho I found out a day before I just had to try out my luck ! check my video out for more details and mad winter edition package opening! =)

OMG! guys could I possibly, maybe get to meet Got7?? ama be all jackson monster!

They will announce winners tomorrow!

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why couldn't i have been born in Korea..? TT~TT
@DjKpop12 @AikoPalman @SarahVanDorn @Dabaesaplayer thank you everyone! I really think I will cry either way lol ahh! I will let you guys know. But still so excited !!!
I hope everything works out for you ... remember to think positively and to believe. The word believe is a verb. A verb connotes action - which you have already taken when you drove 4 hours away to buy the CD package from the specific bookstore ... now all you need to do is be thankful for getting the opportunity, picture yourself meeting them, stay peaceful and calm and try not to become anxious about the result (who will be the winner). This is the formula I use whenever there is someone I want to meet or something important I want to do. 7/8 times out of 10 this has worked for me ... want proof take a look at my Japan and Korea trip pictures. I will be believing with you!
What city is it in
good luck I hope you get it!
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