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EXO's V live stream!

So I watched this at like 2:30 a.m. I REGRET NOTHING!! NOTHING AT ALL!! ❤❤
I just wanted these to have their own square lol.
Because Suho and Chanyeol were making hearts. 😍
And then Baekhyun tried making one with his hair lol.
Then they faced timed Chen and Kai (they were in a different car) lol and then they started to sing songs. I'm not gonna lie I melted. They sang black pearl, lady luck, tender love, light saber and I think a few others. (Not necessarily in that order tho) it was too cute!! Just thought I would share lol.
when they sang lightsaber, baekhyun used flashlight on his phone to make light.. (lightsaber) hahah.. 😂😂 I guess.. @Lizzeh
@Mercedesbenz98 I know I really wanted to see Kyungsoo ❤❤💔 but at the same time I don't think I would be able to handle it lol. Plus this was really cute and funny and random lol
@Mercedesbenz98 omg yas! I was kinda hoping they would sing baby don't cry. But they didn't lol. But still they're so silly. And Baekhyun I see where V gets his weirdness from lol.
@dancer1248MN lmao I know that was to cute!! Then I was like "lol he would" I could only understand a little. 😕
'cause I watched it too.. but I couldn't understand what they're saying.. @Lizzeh
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