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Thanks @kpopandkimchi for organizing VIXX WEEK! What's there to say about Hongbin that you don't already know... Nothing! So Imma just tell you what made me fall in love with him then spam ya'll with like a gazillion pictures of the sexy bean! Cool? Cool! His feature of death for me is his smile. It can be sweet, sexy, shy, funny, and sometimes hella creepy (which me being the crazy person I am love!). Bonus are those dimples of his!
His intense stare can freeze you. Look at his eyes omg I can't even.. I have a thing for pretty eyes too. How perfect is his skin?! Flawless! And his hands are also good looking!
Binnie being a smexy bean! Collarbones... and those shoulders my goodness!
I believe we all appreciate how cute and adorably goofy he is too though. Yes he is just straight up weird sometimes. He seems so much more approachable and human after I see him being silly.

WARNING!!! COLLARBONES! ARMS! ABS FOR DAYS!! bonus Ravi abs too you're welcome!

Ok I've pleasantly tortured ya'll enough for now so I'll end this card here.. I might to a second part as I still have quite a few Hongbin pics I didn't use but ehh. *shrugs* G'morning vingle family!! *pictures are not mine credit to the owners!
@SugaOnTop yep he does that and yea such great boyfriend material! @taetaebaozi hmmm I think someone's in denial lol! @ChelseaJay mine too at #2! @sherrysahar glad you liked it, thank you! His smile is perfect! @nnatalieg hahaha he'll do that to ya! @PrettieeEmm wasn't it lovely? ^^ @baileykayleen exactly how I feel!!
well that woke me up in the morning :)
hongbin is wrecking my bias list ughh
Guess who just swooped in and scattered my bias list like papers in the wind. I usually try to remember him as the one with that terrible hair so I won't stray from Leo but he is seriously strait up boyfriend material
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