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Anywho! For those of us who are watching & enjoying Asterisk War -- how are you feeling about it right now? I haven't really posted much about it since I started, but I'm still enjoying the show quite a bit, and really like the relationships the characters have been building. It's certainly harem, but I get the feeling that all of these relationships are close & meaningful even without considering any romantic love that may exist from the girls. Don't you think?
I also really, really love the way that Ayato and Julis' relationship has developed! I think it's a bit weird at times, but that PAT SCENE was so cute. I love when Julis gets all cute on us, and I think the way her and Julis care about & protect each other is really different from any of the other relationships in the show. It's great!
I'm tired of waiting for more info about his sister, though!! I know that it's all in due time and stuff (and I could just read the manga if I realllllly wanted to know), but between learning more about the sister & learning more about Saya's father (eps 10 stuff just made me more curious), I just can't wait any longer! Come onnnnn give me something!
Saya is also pretty damn cool - I already liked her, but I wasn't sure that she'd be as great of a fighter as she's turning out to be! She did wayyyy better in close combat than I thought she would, honestly, but looking forward to everyone fighting more powerful enemies because right now it feels very much like it's all too easy. Vampire chick (I already forgot her name) is cool, too! She's definitely going to put up a good fight in the next ep if she makes an appearance.
Anyways! I know this anime is only supposed to run for 12 episodes, but I JUST DONT SEE how that's possible?? THANK GOD I JUST READ THIS IS A TWO-COUR ANIME. Good....because....

Two episodes!! Is not!! Enough!! To wrap this up!!!!

Or maybe it is. Idk. I both love and hate this anime, but I've invested so much time already that I'm going to keep going, lol. But it's definitely got more than two episodes left, so that's good!
I didn't read this but I'm sure to check it out today ^-^
Like "Omg!" This anime is really interesting. Just finished it yesterday and the whole lovey-dovey thing is pretty cute hahahaa 😂
@crimsonsasuke u should I really recommended to see it Broh😎
I like this anime a lot and this anime is not a investment of time.... you wana talk about love hate and time investment FUCKING FAIRY TAIL so many fuvking episodes and then they just started to let me down repeatedly and the whole Natsu being a wet noodle for half the fight every time just gets super annoying....