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So as many of you may know, while Seungri performed his part in 'Bae Bae' at the 2015 MAMA awards, he was sitting on Exo's Sehun's lap which was like the cutest thing I've ever seen! Now that this has happened, are VIPs and EXO-Ls at peace now? As a HUGE vip and a HUGE exo-l, I was beyond happy when seeing this performance knowing that there was a great chance that the two fandoms might get along now!
so when seeing this video were you happy and fangirling over cuteness overload like me?
or were you sticking to this war and were totally opposed to it? • Let me know how you guys feel about this in the comments!!! Have a good day~
I loved it!! I was cringing and like dying of happiness on the he inside!!
@delilahremi I loved it. I was fangirling so loud I scared my mom's cat. I know there is ALWAYS drama between exo-l and v.i ps, so I thought it was great
Strangely enough, yes the fan wars have definitely stopped (at least on tumblr) and the fanfics are cooking up on asianfanfics.
why do I smell a seungri and sehun fan fiction happening
ok random quesrion but am I the only one who ships Sehun and Suho? i think its cute. idk they just look cute together.
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