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Will Lee Min Ho be acting as Jang Dong Gun′s son? According to multiple sources on January 15, Lee Min Ho was recently listed as a strong candidate as the lead for the film Friend 2 (tentative title). The role offered Lee Min Ho is the son of Dong Soo (Jang Dong Gun), who met a sad death in the original Friend. If Lee Min Ho takes up the offer, it will be his first return to the big screen in five years since his 2008 film Our School E.T and his first major role in any film. An official told enews, “We′ve learned that Lee Min Ho has received the casting offer and is looking at it postively. He was no. 1 on the list for his distinct features, which resemble Jang Dong Gun′s, and his acting.” A rep from Lee Min Ho′s agency, however, denied the claims, saying, “It is true that we received the offer, but we recently turned it down politely as it didn′t fit his schedule.” Friend 2 recently had its draft scenario finished. It will continue with the characters and relationships set up in the prequel, and will be set on what happens after Joon Seok (Yoo Oh Sung) is released from jail. Yoo Oh Sung has confirmed his appearance, and the film plans to start filming as soon as casting is completed.
Wow hopefully I see him again in a big screen fighting oppa mwahh:)
So he is taking it or not?
I'm so happy to hear this!!!!!!! :D