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Hi everyone.. I know this is random but I am just curious... have you ever dated someone of a different cultures then yours? What do/did you like about it? and not?.... where were they from? Where are you from?
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One time I went outside while it was raining and I liked it, but then it stopped raining and the evil glowing ball of nasty in the sky came out so I went back in
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@Alletaire lol that makes me feel relief that you didn't get caught with that evil glowing ball
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@ReynaWithLove trust me, I feel the same way. When I finally got back inside, I looked outside because I was curious.. And that's how I lost my vision for three months. It was... *tearing up* so bright and... Warm ;-;
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@Alletaire *weeping* 馃槩馃槩 poor thing *hug and pat head* It okay everything is alright the mean bad glowing ball won't get near you.馃槩
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Okay 馃槗
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