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Soo idk if you guys have seen this but you need to asap this group ripped off good boy and I usually don't care about stuff like this but GD and the guys work way too hard for people to just steal there stuff like nothing

@KellyOConnor oh don't worry I tweeted the link to papa YG and I'm about to tweet it to the guys this was horrible at least if your gonna be ignorant and copy a song don't make it crap and don't make it obvious like this was soo horrible
The hell is this shit? He didn't even try to change it up.. just copy paste. He picked the wrong guys to mess with. A lawsuit is fast approaching. Papa YG needs to get this one for sure, blatant copying!!
WTF!?!? I smell a lawsuit! Ugh. The song they made isn't even good. They should have done something original and it probably would have been better... Or would have been just as terrible but at least it would have been theirs. The video is pretty crap too and they are shit dancers. There wasn't a single clip where they were in sync. You know YG has already contacted the lawyers... Coincidence this video was released the same day the boys were winning all those MAMAs for actually being good at music?
Well ain't that some sh*t.......😒😒😒 Sounds like he mixed it in his mama's basement..... I mean if you're gonna copy GD and YB, put in some effort....and a lil finesse. This is just embarrassing 😂😂😂
@glo86 isn't it? And it's not a small but they copied you can tell 100% that they ripped the whole thing off and @Helixx I know! This made me so mad those boy actually worked hard for there stuff and it was great and these people just think oh we can copy them it's fine I hope papa YG sues the hell out of them and I hope they apologize for not only ripping it off but making it crap in the process
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