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Netizens claim that THIS male idol is ugly yet pretends to be fatally charming On a popular online community called Pann, a post claiming that BTS’s Rap Monster is extremely ugly went viral. Originally titled, “An idol that is ugly but pretends to be handsome and fatally charming,” an alleged non K-Pop fan posted. “Hey I’m a non fan but my close friend says Rap Monster is extremely handsome and stans him hard. But I have no idea why or how she says he is good looking. I was looking at his selfies and he acts like he’s super attractive and poses and I almost threw up. You know there are those types of faces you hate and Rap Monster is like that for me. Am I the only one?”
[+ 147, – 237] Oh my god I clicked the link by mistake and my eyes got ruined [+ 130, – 194] Rap Monster must know that he’s not considered handsome on the internet, so where does he get his confidence from? He gets picked as one of the ugliest idols around often too. [+ 125, – 200] The only person in BTS that’s good looking is V… [+ 76, – 9] It was for his fans, not you so get lost [+ 66, – 10] He’s not even trying to look handsome so keep your thoughts to yourself.
I'm sorry but Rap Monster is gorgeous!!!! They complain that we international fans ask for translation with every broadcast but at least we respect ALL the members of groups regardless of looks!!! TALENT is what matters most!!! If you guys don't accept him for who he his then by all means, SEND IS ADORABLE ASS TO US!!!!! We will treat him better than ya do!!!! Are ya with on this A.R.M.Y. Vinglers?!?!?!?! #HandsomeRM
@XionHeart @Hitomi123 @RebeccaLondon @Jiyongixoxo @JasmineWilliams @FalseLove @RihannaTiaMay @ReynaWithLove @LexTay327 @SarangRavi @ChelseaJay @shelbiisonfire @frisky199123 @CreeTheOtaku @gabbylu13 @Jinislife @fleaisms @HayleyYates @MadAndrea Did you see the BTS Twitter account??? Rap Mon was thanking everyone for coming to his defense by using the hash tag #HandsomeRM!!!
"The only good looking one is V" Woah woah woah there let's not get crazy now. The other six members wreck me at least once a week so that statement is quite invalid
Rap Monster isn't my all time favorite idol, JHORSE FOREVERRRRR, but I respect and love his music. He doesn't deserve this ridicule because hes not attractive. He is attractive in his own way, and thats all that matters.
Haters gonna hate
ummm I think confidence is a big part of being sexy. people are going to hate, but I'm pretty sure he is aware his fans love him a lot. also his dimples are top notch.
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