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Ok so the first page is almost finished just need to do some touch up and final details. Looking for any opinions that you can think of. As many of you can see my Superman has become a lot more muscular than in the previous cards. Calling on time @DarthRevan @SamTheMallow  @BeannachtOraibh  @shannonl5 @BrittanyBaldwin @RyanOgg @Quietone @Nicolejb @RKA916 @Lorena13 @OGv6FATE @ButterflyBlu
@BeannachtOraibh he can just do a couple million laps around the world for a warm up then bench press my Rushmore for a few hours before doing some push ups with a bus full of rinos on his back xP
@SamTheMallow love it xD
planet fitness lmao
goku and vegeta became gods, and continue to excel passed their own limits to become stronger than before. superman is still just superman. he has weaknesses. every time goku gets beat he comes back even stronger.
yes. yes you do. that'll show goku is way better. theanimeplace.net is one place you can watch them.
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