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Morning my Otaku's & Weeaboo's. I'm gonna explain why exactly Japanese Anime is better than cartoons. Please like, pin & comment why exactly Japanese Anime is better than Cartoons or your own personal opinion.
1. QUOTES In my point of view, some anime say the smartest thing that we haven't realize or something hits our core. Japanese Anime have a lot of meaning depending on what show. If you haven't watch Tokyo Ghoul, then I recommend you to watch it. Anyways, Japanese Anime quotes catch the people attention. The quote can also relates something about life, family, solitude, love and much more.
2. INTENSE, OVERWHELMING BATTLES. Anime put so much details when it comes to fighting and actions. Honestly, some cartoons put a little details on characters while they are fighting but honestly, this shows a lot. When I mean overwhelming, I mean you will be excited like hell, especially if it's your main character.
3. REPRESENT US. When we was young and nobody can't tell me I'm lying. DBZ was so popular we love pretending doing Goku ability (Kamehameha.) Yeah, we can pretty much end up like Batman or Superman but those who watch anime have made people. I'm not saying Cartoons can't represent us but Cartoons don't have a lot of characters that can represent us. Anime inspire people, defining who they are in this world.
I feel like with cartoons, there's a mentality that it's for kids, so they don't tend to be intellectually or emotionally challenging. There are a lot of serious anime's out there, and even those meant more for children can have a profound impact on adults. Anime is not for kids; anime is for everyone
I feel like it depends on the cartoon. Like I'm all about Steven Universe. Can't nobody say that the show doesn't have meaning behind it. It's actually pretty inspiring. Teen Titans was another that I enjoyed as well. There are plenty others that I also enjoyed and still enjoy. Of course I love me some anime, but I can't necessarily down cartoons when they were just as big of a part in my childhood as anime was.
Anime is basically the better version of cartoon and everything about it is better
because it is way funnier and much better design and art
@Rockron97 Mhm, why can't they both be great for everyone? Cartoons nutured me and anime changed me in a good way, like a parent and a lover they are both great. But at least in cartoons I won't have to be bombarded with unnecessary fan service every time my mom walks into the room. 馃槀
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