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(Okay, let’s be real. Being in love is AMAZING and awesome and so, so exciting, just like they tell you when you’re a young’un. But there are other sides of the experience, too, which aren’t always covered in the movies. I started writing this a while ago, before I knew the person I’m crazy about liked me back, so forgive me if it’s a little more negative than my usual peppy, romantic self. :D Hehe. But come on, people, you know what I’m talking about! Being in love isn’t all fun and games.)
P.S. The style of this card is inspired by @ScriptedSoldier’s list format – if you haven’t already, you really really need to check out his cards because they are awesome. Here’s a link to one of my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration @ScriptedSoldier, and for sharing your soldierly wisdom with us :) Keep writing because I love your cards!!

Okay, so without further ado, on to the list! This is why BEING IN LOVE TOTALLY SUCKS.

Reason #1: It’s terrifying.

Falling in love with someone is like giving them express written permission to crush your heart into a million little pieces if things don’t work out. It sucks, but it seems that you can’t truly care about someone and be vulnerable with them without opening yourself up to major hurt.

Reason #2: You realize just how much you can miss someone.

You had no idea just how much your heart could ache for someone before you met this special someone. But now, every time they’re away from you, you can’t wait to see them again. Sometimes it actually physically hurts. Their absence is a constant source of misery for you.

Reason #3: You doubt your own sanity, like, all the time.

The biggest question on your mind is: Am I crazy? I mean, I like this person SO much. I'm ready to drop everything for them. But then that's usually being drowned out by about three million other questions, like: Is it in my head? Do they really like me back as much as I like them? Who falls in love with people – I mean, who DOES that? Why did I do this to myself? Why can’t they stop being so frickin’ adorable?!

Reason #4: You have the power to hurt someone else.

The suckiness doesn’t end with how much they can hurt you. No. All of a sudden, YOU also have the power to do irreparable damage to someone’s soul. AND THAT’S THE WORST, GOSH DARN IT. Every time I’ve broken up with an ex, I’ve felt horrible about it. Because I never wanted to cause them that much pain! I wished there was some way for me to take it away from them. But sadly, because they truly cared about me (and I about them), we were in the perfect position to wound each other.

Reason #5: You have to somehow explain to all your old hookup buddies that you aren’t single anymore.

Every one of you knows how much I, the Princess of Love, LOVE hookups. It was my M.O. for the longest time. But now that I’m in love… well, all the old flames scattered around the world have to be informed at some point that I’m no longer available for shenanigans. And since I’m not about to send a mass text about it, well… it’s probably going to happen when they randomly booty call me in 3 months. Awkward.

Reason #6: You are faced with the maddening challenge of figuring out how to be together and not let life (distance, other people, etc.) get in the way.

Oh, and the final reason being in love sucks? Because once you’re there, actually making it work is HARD. Especially if you have to go through the whole nonsense of long distance. But even in regular ol’ non-distance relationships, there are a whole bunch of factors exterior to love. Like money, jobs, dreams, kids, stresses, health issues, wars, disasters, exes who never really got over you, doubts, fears, insecurities. There are a whole host of things you have to battle against, as a couple, never allowing them to come between you. That’s when the real work of love begins.
Clearly, and as I’m sure you all know from personal experience, being in love sucks for a lot of reasons.

So why do we keep falling?

Because it’s worth it. Hate on Disney all you want, but they’ve got a point – love is worth it all. When you’ve found someone to weather all the storms with, to have adventures and non-adventures alike with… there’s nothing more beautiful.
That’s what I’d like to believe, anyway. I’ve got a whole lifetime to prove myself right.
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@AlloBaber I appreciate that, I do. This was a good card 😊
Yes!!! Especially when you aren't sure if the feelings are mutual of not. Smh
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. But you're right... It totally IS worth it.
@ButterflyBlu <3 <3 <3 :)
That's a good picture. kudo to photographer and model.