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Eunhyuk twitter update
똥싸고있네 RT @donghae861015: Rainy days ... Like it ^^ Pooping RT @donghae861015: Rainy days ... Like it ^^ (1 day ago) 나도 형이 좋는다 RT @shfly3424: 우울한날씨 .. 그래도 힘내서 .. 기운내서 .. 하루시작해 나름걷기좋는날이야 ^^ I also like hyung-ie RT @shfly3424: Gloomy weather .. but i must still cheer up .. i must still power up .. and start off a pretty good day to walk ^^ (1 day ago) 촬영 끝났다잉~~~~!!!!! 그리고 마시 생일축하해 한살 더 먹었으니 형처럼 성숙한 사람되어라 인마. 수염깎고. The shooting has ended~~~~!!!!!! And Ma-shi happy birthday. You gained an age so become more mature just like hyung. Shave your beard too. (12 hours ago)