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It's been a week since BTS new music video "Run" and it already has over 3 Million views!
A must watch! Even though it's a continuation you can still get alot from the mv and song. I've read that this song made it to itunes top 10 but as much as I wish this to be true I was not able to find concrete information other than a popular kpop site but not in itunes -_- had me excited for a moment.
Ahhhha! wasn't it awesome? makes me want to scream..and maybe run a little too.
so run! go like the mv and share so others may enjoy the goodness of BTS!
Random sexiness coming thru! @kpopandkimchi @mattk95 @kellyoconnor
thank you, I saw that post but I don't see it anywhere in itunes now not even in the 50s.
The mv made #4 on iTunes Charts and the album #7 when it first came out