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My Music Taste http://m2t.tv/x1YU I finally found where they are voting. If you haven't voted yet, here's your chance. (I hope this is the right place, lol) I know I said I'd go to San Francisco if they went there but I voted for Phoenix, AZ. Mainly because I'll be moving there soon. I might just be living there by the time they come here.... I'M SO EXCITED!!! But I think San Francisco is a go because they're already in the yellow stage with 4000+ votes, whereas PHX is still in the grey with only 310 votes
@KellyOConnor Chicago and Dallas are definite possibilities!
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Yes! I'm so excited the three that are closest to me are in the top five!! Ahh!! thanks for the tag hun!
Ugh... I Forgot the link. I added it to the first box.
@KellyOConnor You're welcome 👍
Come on Atlanta!!!
omg come on Dallas it's only 2 hours away