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The sky turned 2% milk, Shadow Puppets Mating, and as I watched, I Felt more like shame than top speed. Testing out the furniture at IKEA with a Swedish supermodel..... "I can't comfort you in any bullshit sort of way..." I tell her. Then I came And Then I went IS SATAN A metaphor? AND SO THE LORD SAID UNTO ME; WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN NOONES LOOKING? and I said; c'mon LORD, what's the point in doing it if NOONES looking? AND THE LORD SAID UNTO ME; TOUCHÉ! What I suppose is this.........................one man's nightmare is another's wet dream. And Maybe the air is a shade of blue that only the wind can see. (Dead animals strewn across a moldy apricot sunset......wind and sand team up on iron wrought..... The icy sunlight of January gives passageto electric white lines of undaunted energy that light your magic fucking face.) "Never eat anything you find in a mirror." I thought she was a mannequin at first: She sat in front of an electronic fireplace drinking rosé from an empty glass........ She asked me to lay down and then she poured warm honey on my crotch.....she was in a gang called the eyeliner pirates.....who were looking to take things up a notch beyond knocking trash cans over.... Here I was, Stabbing at my own youth with hopelessly dull knives, I fe. L T Just like the background of a Scooby Doo cartoooooooooon. זייט איר