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Man Proposes To Girlfriend Dressed In A Lobster Costume

It's just another day at bikini bottom, or not.

What would you do if your long time love proposed to you in a lobster suit? In most cases, unless I'm a huge fan of Spongebob, I would be somewhat weirded out -- or at least i thought I would be until I saw one of the most heart felt proposal videos ever. What's tradition anyway, right?
According to Joe Graceffa, he wanted his girlfriend Elsa Cremer, to remember this special moment forever and I'm pretty sure she will. He even got super creative and wrote an entire book based on his master plan, but wait -- that's not even the catcher. He then showed up at her school in front of all her students *the audience fills with emotion*. Whether you're allergic to seafood or not, this video will give you the feels and wish you had a lobster in your life also. Keep scrolling to see just how fishy things got when 'lobster man' got down on bended knee, or should I say bended shell?

Fellas, take notes.

What do you think about this super fishy proposal?
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I totally agree! I'm all for a good lobster @danidee & @ButterlfyBlu I think it's absolutely adorable
Omg. This is the cutest thing ever!!
That guy's awesome. Anyone who dresses up as a lobster voluntarily is marriage material.
Right! Idk if the kids or the couple was more adorable lol @danidee
My favorite is when the teacher aide explains to the class that their teacher just got engaged.
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