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If you're looking for bae, look no further.

Thanks to Canadian YouTube and music sensation, Sebastian Olzanski and fragrance company Xyrena, you can now have your 'bae' in bottle form. No, it's not a genie and no, you aren't granted two wishes -- but you do have the choice of choosing between two amazing metallic bottles for a reasonable fee [here].
The fragrance is perfect for those women and men who enjoy fresh, woodsy scents. Yes, this is a unisex fragrance so both you and yours can smell like each other. How romantic is that? To top it off of course, the name is perfect because who doesn't love the word bae [I'll admit I hate it, but still tend to use it]. If you're looking for a compatible bae for the holiday's, you've definitely come to the right place.
You've been on a unisex fragrance kick lately! :) I love it! This is a cute idea. I like the idea of having a matching scent :)
I totally agree! If I had a 'bae' I would def try this out as well. According to the notes, I'm sure it sounds amazing @AlloBaber
@jordanhamilton Oh I'm positive that's true! Because everyone has their own unique smell to start with :) It probably blends differently with male and female hormones, too. So cool!!! Now I want to try this :)
I loveeeee unisex fragrances! I think they tend to smell different on each person 😊 @AlloBaber