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Have you seen Zico's new MV ft. Zion. T? It's got a 50's look to it and may I say, both Zico and Zion.T look so damn handsome😉 So proud of Zico, I've never heard Zion.T sing (I'm not sure if he's a rapper or singer...) but I actually love his voice so I'm gonna go check out his music.
If you haven't seen it, watch it here!
I LOVE THIS! They look so good in this vintage 50s style💜 The way Zico says Eureka it sounds l like he's saying my name 😏😏😏 Mama hears you, boy....lol
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THIS HERE........THIS HERE....WAS BEAUTIFUL!! both my loves looked sooo good i loved the old timey feel and style on them Zico looked amazing! The song so different but again perfect! Zion.T murdering my life with that beautiful voice ....this song was just too much
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