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Hello guys we're back and now on a regular schedule (Before things were it bit shaky because of games, filming, editing, etc. but NO EXCUSES) From now on let's do this thing :D . . So this is Chapter 5!!! So if you wanna hop in on the story you gotta go back to >Chapter 1<
*You arrive at Seungri's house and go to knock on the door but Taeyang stops you* Y/N: Taeyang....if you dont lemme knock- HOW ARE WE GONNA GET IN (-_-) Taeyang: *pulls out a set of spare keys* *tease* with these silly!! *Taeyang opens the Door and you and Jiyong follow him inside* Taeyang: Follow me , okay *You and Ji nod in agreement and begin to follow Young Bae*
Ji: *whispering* Jagiya~ your really cute like this Y/N: *giggling* like what Ji: Your supposed to be a spy but it really doesn't suit you Y/N: how so?? Ji: spies are supposed to be scary, secretive, and swift Y/N: and.... Ji: *chuckling* well....jagiya your cute, loud, and a klutz. ..I think you failed ~(^.^)~ Y/N: HEY!! (-_-) Taeyang: shhhh. ....the Panda is sleeping Ji: *teasing* I told ya
Taeyang:*slowly opens the door to Seungri's room and you see Seungri sleeping on a sofa* Taeyang: Hey... *Taeyang wavers for you both to come closer* Taeyang:*whispering* Grab his legs ... *you and Ji look st eachother and shrug it off deciding to help Taeyang*
Taeyang:On the count of three, you know what to do Taeyang: Hana.....deul. ...set *You all pull Seungri's Legs in uncomfortable postions and Seungri wakes up frightened* Seungri: WHY!!! (ㅠ.ㅠ) Taeyang:*chuckling*
Seungri: *looks around* ...and you guys to , aish *pouting* I really can't deal with this anymore Taeyang: awe don't be like that come to Taeyang hyung *spreads arms to give Seungri a hug* Seungri: wait....wait no no no no Taeyang: *chasing Seungri* don't run from hyung, come here *a phone starts ringing* Ji: ah, please excuse me
*you look over to Ji and he looks troubled, he walking in circles and keeps running his hands through his hair* Ji: okay sure bye...*hangs up* Aish... *Jiyong keeps pacing back and forth before turning to look at you* Ji: jagiya in really sorry but I have to go Y/N: oh.....okay Ji: Jagiya when I get back we can do everything and anything you want okay:) Y/N: ....okay *Jiyong hugs you tightly before walking out the door*
uh oh what's gonna happen?
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@amullins2007 I'll updating today so, wait no longer lol :)
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