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I swear I saw this, this morning I was sooo pissed, even now I still am. If I ever freakin meet a netizen, lord don't have mercy for that b*tch because s/he deserves what s/he ganna get. It saddens me how people could be like this. 馃槨 ugh how much I really want to punch them. They just jelly because their never going to get Namjoon's GPA. Man namjoon is freakin' sexy af I love and adore him a lot and reading this and those stupid Netizens comments ugh. I am so mad rn. I can't. I really hope Namjoon don't see this because his self esteem isn't the best and seeing this will sadden him more :(. If he did already I hope he knows he still has fans who love him for him and adore him. 馃槍馃槪
lol netizens are a joke. they are nothing more than cyberbullies and keyboard worriors. Idk why they think they are so special that everyone needs to listen to what they say. Namjoon is very good looking. Not only that, hes also very smart, funny, talented and very kind. he is like the ideal man for a lot of people. These netizens need to get over themselves, get off their high horses, trade it in for a chair and have a seat.
That's why I actually really hate koreaboo. It's nothing but a bunch of nasty netizens on there and since I've always called them out on their lies they blocked me from being able to comment on their posts.
This is bullshit! Always gonna have haters. Stupid people need to not open their mouths! Namjoon has made mistakes, but who hasn't?!?! HE IS HUMAN!!!!! And... ARE THEY BLIND?!?! Seriously?!?!?! This man is gorgeous and I'm sure has such a generous heart and cares for his band mates. So... SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! Leave him alone.
He's smart!! sexuly smart is now a word!! they are just jelly if that!!
some bitches bout to die @Bitterlimelight
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