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-Horie was born on September 20, 1976 -She formed a voice actor unit with Yukari Tamura called Yamato nadeshiko. -She may look like she's in her 20s, but she's 39 years old. -Yui Horie rose to fame in 1997 where she released her single "My best friend". -Horie is an only child. In her younger years, she would play outside until her parents came home from work at 7 pm. -When she was a kid, Horie was known as a latchkey kid, a kid that returns from school with little parental supervision or no supervision in the household. -Horie is affiliated with Aice5 and Starchild. -Yui Horie's nickname by her fans is "Hocchan". -Yui Horie's favorite anime when she was a kid was Dirty Pair. -She got her start as a voice actress in 1997 in the PlayStation Game Voice Fantasia. -Her most well-known voice roles are Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Nepgear from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Koko Kaga from Golden Time, Minori Kushieda from Toradora, Riki Naoe from Little Busters!, and Hitomi from Dead or Alive.
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