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Sometimes, a recipe's name alone just grabs me and won't let go. That's the case for pretty much anything that has brown butter (!), maple (!!), and pecan (!!!) in it. Somehow, this recipe manages to combine all three.

Can you say ~heaven~?

If you need a recipe to impress the in-laws at Christmastime, this might just be it. It's the perfect sweet addition to any brunch table, and get this – they're pretty easy to make.
The recipe, by (food blogging goddess on earth) Half Baked Harvest, uses store-bought puff pastry, which means easy prep and no annoying dough rise time!

The prep time on this recipe is just 25 minutes, if you can believe it. And it only calls for 8 ingredients!

Drool over a few more of these incredible photos, then head on over to Half Baked Harvest for the recipe.