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I know everybody's probably a little baked out still from the holidays, but aren't these PB&J bars SO cool?! I know at least one person who will like them: @InPlainSight, our very own king of peanut butter (seriously, his attachment to the stuff is a little... alarming). XD
@danidee @Danse @RobertMarsh @RaquelArredondo @Jwall816 @LAVONYORK Peanut butter loving friends, I'm thinkin' you guys might like these too! :D
They're by Minimalist Baker, and they're basically an all-natural crispy, crunchy almond-oat crust topped with a delicious peanut butter and jelly swirl.
Adding some whole fruit and crumbled peanuts makes them extra pretty!
Now that's what I call presentation-worthy! ^.^
I love the idea of turning a classic childhood favorite (at least in the States!) into an elegant, grown-up dessert. I could totally see myself serving these as a creative dinner party dessert. Could you?
(Or would you keep them all for yourself @InPlainSight? XD)
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Hahaha @InPlainSight I can only imagine 馃槅 the girls must get jealous!!
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I so agree @JamiMilsap!! 馃槃馃榿 I really want to try making them... I bet my coworkers would be happy to act as my Guinea pigs hehe 馃槅
2 years agoReply
Me too @AlloBaber! But I don't think they'd make it out of my kitchen if I made them (unless I don't like them of course) :0)
2 years agoReply
@AlloBaber My son gets hold of everything edible in the house, so I don't quite remember what treats are. LOL
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Now I'm just hungry and wanting something with strawberry jam in it. I should take a crack at these.
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