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So I'm fairly new to Vingle, however I will now introduce myself. My name is Adriana, I am 16 years old. I am a loyal (see what I did there) Starlight, ARMY, Perfectionist, iGot7, Angel, Exo-L, and a MonBebe
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Hello Glo!
Hello there, welcome to Vingle. Have fun and enjoy your stay!~ (⌒▽⌒)
Thank you.
Hello Adriana, Welcome to the Vingle Family where all us kpop crazies hang out. I'm Jackie, and I am a B.A.P., Big Bang, BTS, Vixx, EXO, Got7, Winner, 2NE1, awwww who am I kidding, I just love kpop all the way around. I don't have a bias...I'm too old. I get angry when someone asks if "I'm listening to that Chinese stuff again". And when anyone gives me crap about my music I straight up ask them if they are prejudice. Is there some reason I can't enjoy music sung by Koreans. Then they are all, "I just don't get how you can listen to music that you don't understand" I just tell them they obviously don't understand music, because when I listen to music I use more then just my ears. You can feel the emotion with your heart, you can feel the rythum and beat, You can grasp the singers intent. Ok, you probably guessed by now, I have a tendency to go off on tangents and ramble. But WELCOME!
Hello, I don't mind if you ramble @JackieMurrayCab I do that all the time. You are never to old to have a bias! Thank you for your welcome.