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Ladies and Gentlemen...

And everyone between those lines and outside of them. ♡ I present to you... The first profile of our upcoming cover group.

Amber Brown.

Age: 22 Birthday: April 20. Position: Leader. Rapper. Vocal. Ideal Type: Kang Daesung of Big Bang. Onew of SHINee. I love guys who smile even through the toughest of times. A smile that lights up the room and makes me happy...It's a sign of strength to me. I also seem to have a thing for guys that make lame jokes. Bias Groups: SHINee. VIXX. BTS. F(x). Teen Top. Big Bang. GOT7. Nu'EST.

Favorite Quote

"There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. There is only the inevitable." - Yuuko Ichihara, xxxHolic

Fun Facts

- Shares a birthday with Lu Han. - Can say "thank you," "hello," and "I love you" in at least five different languages. - Likes to dance but usually where others can't see. - Graduated college and has a bachelor's degree. - Guilty pleasures are role playing and baking. - Loves all types of art and would love to have experience in them all. - A big Running Man and Batman fanatic. - Secretly a brainiac. - Enjoys cooking and favorite chore is washing dishes. - Has a couple of nicknames related to animals and food, including one related to F(x)'s Amber - Secretly indulges in manga and anime from time to time. - Has a secret wig fascination. Constantly likes to change up styles.

To find links to my previous covers.

Click here. ^^

One down, Four to go! ^^

Tagging you lovelies! ♡

We're also looking for a group name. Any ideas? Anything else you'd like to see? ^^

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OOH this is exciting!!!!
@TravelSizedGirl Ah, I see. The few months put you in the year before me. ^^
group name ideas 1.)Crowns 2.)Beau-T 3.)INT.L 4.)DoReMi
Ah. I'm older than you by a couple months... TT^TT
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