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I saw this post on koreaboo and im wondering like who the hell does or say things like these!!!!! i was fuming... sorry if this card got anyone in a bad mood though.. i just dnt understand how a person can be so negative..
Better question is why does Koreaboo feel the need to post this?! They are always the people starting nasty rumors just to get attention on their site :(
what the fuuuuu, if people are going to be mean about idols, then they shouldn't say anything, they could hurt someone's feelings and especially the idol's feelings. And V is not the only good looking member in BTS, like HELLO IS YOU BLIND. what are netizens on geez.....
What?? How is V the ONLY good looking guy in BTS???!?!!!! Like wtf what about SUGA and Jhope, Kookie, Jin, Jimin, and duh RapMonnie is SUPER ATTRACTIVE!! Tf?? What have these netizens been drinking??
People are so dumb.. but the good thing is people are trying to get #HandsomeRm trending on twitter! He even said thank you 😊