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She has a interesting take on Nidalee, her Katarina looks super dope and I'm in love with her Succubus, Leafon and her Harley Quinn.
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@vinmcarthy, is there a way to edit the cards so they can show up on the gaming stream?
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@shannonl5 did u see her other pics in this card? she really tries to embody the characters she cosplays and u can tell cuz u see it in her poses.
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@djdoubl3up if i could pose as well as her, I'd be so happy lol posing is the hardest part of cosplay for me XD
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@djdoubl3up yeah! She definitely went all out.
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Posing is def a hard skill to learn especially if you are new to modeling in general. I hope I do good when I post my first cosplay lol
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