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First he draws you in with this.
And this.
Then his adorable laugh
I love how he goes from Adorable and cute to hot and sexy.
Even his pout is cute! ^_^
He's so sassy!
This is me trying to catch G Dragon Oppa.
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馃槶馃槶馃槶 I'll just drown in my tears
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@tthatkdramalover - I'm sure Daesung Oppa or the others would come and save you. ^_^ @xsandos17 - That's how I felt too! @tbbhishixo - Yes. Yes he is. @Helixx - It is impossible not to be in love with this man.
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I love him with all my heart
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GD goes from fluffy to fierce real quick.
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Oppaaaaaa I wanna marry you~ 馃挄馃槶馃槏
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