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So if you can tell by the title, I have decided to make a Kpop Relate Collection!!! I am going to switch on and off between my Kpop Memes collection and this new one so keep an eye out!!! I will add the Relate Cards I have made already to the collection but I hope you guys are as excited as I am for seeing more silliness of our most beloved idols!!!! XD
Also, thank you guys so much for looking at my cards, liking them, clipping them, and just keeping an eye out for my new cards every day!!! It means a lot to me that I am able to bring you guys some laughter to your day and that you guys really enjoy my cards!!! THANK YOU and I hope you guys will continue to look for my new cards in the future!!! ;) Love you all!!!
@kpopandkimchi Thanks!!! I am pretty excited about it so I hope you enjoy them as well!! (ALSO if you want me to do a card of N I can for my memes and gifs collection! Just let me know!!! XD) 😄😃