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It's the next morning. I wake up because of the sun coming through the curtains. I roll over and Taeil is still asleep. He is so cute. I should of went out with him in the first place. Before we start going out I want to take some time for myself somewhere. So I won't remember any memories with U-Kwon everywhere I go. I want to go somewhere and forget. Atlantis sounds nice. Sadly, I have no money for it. If only a miracle happened. "Good morning beautiful." I heard in a sexy raspy voice. It was of course Taeil. I blush worse than ever. He kisses me. "Taeil I do like you but I want to take some time to get over this relationship, then we can date, okay?" I told him. "I'm way ahead of you Coreena. I've actually had Zico buy you plane tickets to Atlantis. He will go with you so you won't be so alone in a strange place. Besides, I need more practice. Zico is already flawless as a performer I need to catch up." Taeil says. My jaw drops open in disbelief of the words that came out of his mouth. I was speechless. "Hahahahahahahahhahaahahaha!!! No I'm not bluffing. Here is your ticket." Taeil says. I hug him tightly. "Thank you so so so much Oppa!!" I say while smiling brightly. "Anything for you my little Sunflower."he said sweetly. "S-ss-sunflower??!!" I stuttered. "Yes you are as beautiful and bright just like the sunflower here in my hand." He hands me a sunflower. I start to cry. "Omo......"I replied. I just cried and he hugged me. "For now on only tears of joy are what I want to see? Got that?" Taeil said. I shook my head and kissed him.
~A week later~
Zico and I finally arrived in Atlantis. It was so majestic, photographs can't do justice to show the beauty of this place. We went straight to our suite. It was so massive. The hotels I'm used to be staying in are so small and crappy. Well at least it's big it has two bedrooms and bathrooms. I like Zico and all but I need my space. Also all I need is for him to accidentally walk in the suite while I'm in the middle of changing it would be so embarrassing. Taeil would probably also kill him when we got back to Seoul. Jesus thank you! For our first day we just relaxed because of the jet lag to get to the destination to go on the long cruise. We watched tv and ate all kinds of food from room service and fell asleep.
~The next day~
We ate breakfast and put on our swimsuits. We went straight to the huge water slide. I am so scared of heights. I sat down and closed my eyes and screamed. I felt the wind through my hair it felt so good. I decided to open my eyes. The view of the ocean was amazing. It was a beautiful blue. I wish I could stay at that view as long as I wished. Then next thing I knew I was underwater. Luckily it's a pool and not the shark infested waters. People getting eaten by sharks in Jaws is hilarious but not in real life. "Hey, Coreena. Watch this." I turned around and Zico flipped off the diving board. "SHOW OFF!!" I yelled. He laughed so hard. "You're just jelly." Zico said. Punching me playfully. "Bitch please I have no need to be jealous of you." I said giggling. "We have so many things to do before the week is over. After this week it's back to Seoul." Zico reminded me. I sighed,"I know. So let's go through that tube thingy under water." I said. There were so many sharks and other marine life it was breathtaking. I couldn't believe I was here. It would be better if Taeil was here but Zico is my 2nd best friend so it's all good.
**********************************************************************************************************We did so many things and so much fun. We have to go back home tomorrow. I can't wait to see Taeil. Maybe one day me and Taeil and come here just the two of us.
~A few days later~
It's midnight when we arrive. The plane has a bumpy landing. We exit the plane. I go through the gates. I couldn't believe my eyes. Taeil was standing their with a dozen sunflowers. I ran to him and hugged him. I almost knocked him down. "I've missed you my little Sunflower." Taeil says. He pulls up my chin and kisses me passionately. We kiss for 30 minutes. Then we head home and sleep.
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