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First one up will be the Leader N 馃拋 make sure to give him a follow for you can keep up on his post ( which won't be difficult since he doesn't post much very often馃槳馃槶) and show him support :D
Second will be Ravi the main rapper. Now here's a different story because he does post a lot 馃榿馃挊 . Also make sure to give him a follow for support and to stalk what is he doing.
Now last but not least Leo the Lead Vocal. 馃檰馃檰 WELCOME to Instagram Leooo hope you post very often so I know your alive... Now I'm really worried about N... Also I can't follow him I have been trying! But it keeps saying LOADING! 馃槖馃槱 Anyways make sure to give them a follow if you have an Instagram. :D
Now all we have to do is to wait for Hongbin, Hyuk, and Ken to make an Instagram 馃槍馃檰馃檰 also for best news follow vixx_otps and vixxleoken. That I know of...
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@kpopandkimchi I know! I got a notification earlier today about it and had to follow him! His first post is so precious.~
2 years agoReply tempted so tempted
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YAY! I followed him as soon as I found out. so excited for him to keep posting!
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