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So yeah this is like my first card since I'm new here , but anyway let me share my manage projects ~ hehehe when ever I do projects for any class it always have something of anime characters in it so ~ I have done one of Kingdom Hearts and the show Princess Princess (*˘︶˘*) For those who do not know what Princess Princess is, it's about this boy Toru who transfer to this all boy school (the blur hair one) he is then elected along with mikoto (pink hair) and yuujirou ( yellow hair), because of their young boyish looks, are chosen to be a Hime of the school the liven up the school and motivate the teams It's a good anime 12 episodes in the anime then I think 13 in the drama which is told from the perspective of Mikoto with them against the dark princesses( only in the drama and manga sadly ) Hehe so yeah this is my first card hope yah liked it
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awesome stuff! and welcome XD
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welcome from yours truly, Rin Okumura, Satan spawn. that one is great!
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