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So changing it up tonight and decided to take the time to appreciate this loser T.O.P

So please enjoy and try not to die from 3rd degree burns because top is one hot man😂 @VeronicaOrtiz hope you enjoy this☺️✌️


Seriously no matter how hard you try to wipe it off that hotness isn't going anywhere

Oh look a wild adorable TOP has appeared

Literally the biggest dork ever......But I'm not complaining I love this loser🙈💕

You Like?

I like I like alot😂


I see you T.O.P I see you

You guys know I couldn't go without of course sharing my lovely Jiyongi 😂🙊💕

These two compliment each other soo well

Hope you all enjoyed this dose of T.O.P Let me know if you want more BigBang spam and which members you want to see✌️

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hey. totally legitimate. I not only get an awesome collectible monkey, I get a new bag as well....it's a total bargain. JUSTIFIED cept I don't need a new bag......quick! I need to be invited somewhere so I can buy a new outfit which will need to be accessorized with the clutch that comes with the TOP monkey That I'm gonna tell the Kipling brand to make just for my fangirlism.....legit, right?
@petname83 sounds legit to me man
Omg they are so handsome! 😍😍 by the way i will like to see some seungri pictures too 🙊
@NelyLovo will do I'll do a sexy boy spam tonight✌️
yay! 😃😃 thanks 🙈