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But N is so what the fuck man...I just made a post about how handsome I thought you and Leo were the other day then I run across this and you're prettier than every single girl. Ravi and Ken though...boys just stop. Actually all of you just stop. N and Hongbin especially. Hyuk just looks like a little boy who got into his older sisters clothes.
My point in all of this is I went from stuff like Chained Up, Error, Voodoo Doll, On and On to GR8U and was a little weirded out by them all happy and stuff but then this popped up as a suggestion and I thought "no way. They're surely too manly to cross dress." Looks like Leo noped so much that he injured himself. I wonder if he was just sitting backstage quietly laughing and judging them.
Either way, it's BAP all over again where I thought they were these badass manly men but was quickly proven wrong. *sigh* alright then I'm a starlight, igot7, army, bbc, baby, and VIP. Any other fandoms gonna pull me in?
They did the stage and won so they could have some free time! Lol yes N is literally prettier than any female I've met! He's also more handsome than any male I've ever met. He's literally perfect.
Leo totally injured himself on purpose so he wouldnt have to do this AHAHAHHAHAHAH but also yes, cross dressing N is SO pretty! hahah