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But N is so what the fuck man...I just made a post about how handsome I thought you and Leo were the other day then I run across this and you're prettier than every single girl. Ravi and Ken though...boys just stop. Actually all of you just stop. N and Hongbin especially. Hyuk just looks like a little boy who got into his older sisters clothes.
My point in all of this is I went from stuff like Chained Up, Error, Voodoo Doll, On and On to GR8U and was a little weirded out by them all happy and stuff but then this popped up as a suggestion and I thought "no way. They're surely too manly to cross dress." Looks like Leo noped so much that he injured himself. I wonder if he was just sitting backstage quietly laughing and judging them.
Either way, it's BAP all over again where I thought they were these badass manly men but was quickly proven wrong. *sigh* alright then I'm a starlight, igot7, army, bbc, baby, and VIP. Any other fandoms gonna pull me in?
Leo totally injured himself on purpose so he wouldnt have to do this AHAHAHHAHAHAH but also yes, cross dressing N is SO pretty! hahah
They did the stage and won so they could have some free time! Lol yes N is literally prettier than any female I've met! He's also more handsome than any male I've ever met. He's literally perfect.