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[Regularly, the Korean Alphabet is organized in 한글, or hangul. But in this case, I'm going through them by the order on the keyboard. Also, if I make a mistake, don't be afraid to comment! Before you 'report' this card: don't worry--I know the alphabet series isn't K-Pop related but it'll soon be. I'm still going over the alphabet :)]
Ah, good morning, and welcome to another episode of... Korean Alphabet Series. Today's letter is ㄴ, or N. It kind of looks like the hand for the emoticon (?) ε=┏(・ω・)┛, not really, and since this emoticon is called "Running Man", maybe remember it this way?
Do not confuse your "yes"!
- ne (yes)
게 - ge (~to)
케 - ke (this one's made up)
They're all similar: do not confuse! *There's also ㅐwhich makes life even more harder, but I won't talk about that here*
(na) means I!
비 (na-bi) means butterfly~ BTS~
래 (no-rae) means song (coincidentally relating with the example before...)
(neun) means eye or snow.
See you on the next card!
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I love these! Will you tag me in your future posts please? I don't want to miss any.
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I'll try, but I'll probably forget... Sorry if I do! Did you follow the collection? Maybe it might help...? @Helixx
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I KNOW RIIIIIGHT!? 눈 눈 눈~ ☃☃☃@kpopandkimchi
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