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Did you enjoy this year with BIG BANG as much as I did.. I'm gonna miss top so much next year once he enlist. It's gonna be a long 2years.. Top is my Ultimate Bias and it's gonna be hard.
So this card is gonna just be all about T. O. P
I'm still pretty new to the whole kpop thing and BIG BANG was the first group I really listened too and top is my first bias. I love how normal he is regardless of how famous he is.. He's still very humble and down to earth.
1. TOP is amazingly handsome
2. His smile makes me happy all the time
3. That signature stare can melt even the coldest of hearts.
4. His dedication and hard work and love for his fans is inspiring. He cares for his VIP and we love him for it
5. HIS style.. No matter what he wears he pulls off everything.. Even with 95% of his body covered at all times
6. Last but certainly not least is his Hair.. I love tops hairstyles all of them.. He pulls them all off and in every color
My husband told me T.O.P. is the only man I'm allowed to leave him for. I agreed enthusiastically with that rule. Even his imperfections are perfect.
yes he is everything you said. i love him. 😊
I really want him to hurry up and come back. He hasn't even left yet and I miss him dearly
@KpopQueenaBee lol he was my first everything in kpop. bigbang was my first and only kpop concert. he was my first bias, first ub, first fav rapper!
Why did you have to do this to me?! My heart aches & I can't stop crying. 😢😳😭
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