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Most of you don't know but I love writing! I used to write stories all the time and had books full . I just stopped out of no where but I miss it so much and seeing all these lovely stories you talented beans write I kinda want to start writing stories again......... Soo should I? And if I do would you guys want to read them? And tell me what you think about them?

I'm on board for this! I would love to read your stories.
@KellyOConnor definitely you know I have have to do a GD one it wouldn't be right if I didn't lol
Yes x3! Tag me in anything you write I love stories! I will expect a GD one first ^-^
Go for it! Tag me please. I would love bts and Big Bang and maybe a got7 since I've only read one...😊
@krin definitely will tag you when I write it and don't worry lol BigBang will probably be my biggest inspiration and of course Bts will be too
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