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hey vinglers
sup vinglers. I know you guys probably don't care about my problems but I'm really down right now and if you want can drop a anime photo or meme or something in the comments for me. I'm only doing this cuz anime is the only thing that can make me happy right now and I trust my fellow vinglers to not make fun of me or anything so could ya please just drop a cute or funny picture or meme or something thanks.
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yea but if you need to talk I'm here ok
2 years ago·Reply
if you want a happy anime I recommend Dog Days! three seasons too so plenty of episodes to binge on.
2 years ago·Reply
happy anime, go with FLCL. it's super wierd and dope
2 years ago·Reply
let me just link you my previews collection, k? maybe you'll find something in there you can watch taht will cheer you up!!
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