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As stated in the last card, Gon Fresces was eliminated with a total of 49 votes. Now comes the hard part. We are down to our last few competitors. Ichicgo Kurosaki, Natsu Dragoneel, Naruto Uzumaki, and Mr. King of the pirates himself, MONKEY D. LUFFY. Need I say more? now is where the head of this card saga comes into play. WHO WILL COME OUT ON TOP? Let the voting begin.
I have made some changes to the card to make it a little more understanding
The same rules apply;
1. You may only vote once
2. In that vote, you may only list one character ex.
FunnyChiz: I vote Gon. ✔
FunnyChiz: I vote Gon, Ichigo, Sebastian, Luffy. ❌
3. Must input your vote before the deadline
4. If you have more than one character in your VOTE, your vote will be marked as INVAILD.
5. Have Fun
I will announce when voting is closed. *New cards will be posted every Sunday."
Ichigo, he seems to always have the same pattern of mentality: 1. oh crap, something happened to one of my friends, im pretty badass, ill go save them. 2. *gets beaten by someone or injured "im horrible, i cant do this 3. one of his cohorts has to come along and beat his ass until he suddenly gets an amazing new power 4. use new power to rescue friend. 5. falls into depress again until next person needs help. REPEAT. He can be really strong and i totally get the whole doubting yourself thing, but he has gor to be the most sad and pessimistic main character that i actually like, that i know. im not sure he could beat these other guys without the above steps
lets go Natsu
I vote natsu
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