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Everyone should leave Rapmonster of BTS alone!!

He has made some past mistakes, and the past is the past!! Leave him alone about that!! And he may not be the cutest person in the world, but he is fine the way he is!! He is not ugly, he is quite amazing! The people who are calling h ugly because of his physical appearance are the true ugly ones, and I don't care if they are beautiful, they are ugly on the instead if they are going to go that far to mess with an innocent person. You are NOT a true ARMY if you are not willing to accept every member for how they look and how they are!! To me, and million of other people, Kim Namjoon is perfect the way he is. We are willing to accept him for the mistakes he has made, and we will stay by him with all his future mistakes!! He is young, he will mess up, but be a true ARMY and stick by him!! If not, you can stop calling yourself an ARMY!!
Who's the dimwitted idiot that does not think rapmonster isn't cute?!?!?! Look at him and his dimples he's the cutest flucker I have ever seen (coming at #2 because Xiumin is hubby💖💖)
rapmon was the first one to catch my attention, but not only his looks the fact that he was a fighter since birth draws even more of my attention to him... he's sexy inside and out
Preach!11! Smh @ those Rapmon haters. It really pisses me off how some fans call themselves a "true ARMY member" when they give everyone else the "Omg, I love you [random BTS member's name]!1!1 You guys are so cute omFg!1!" treatment, yet they won't give the same treatment to that one particular member and be like, "...Ew wtf? I don't like you. You're seriously ugly lololol." Or basically something similar to that. But yeah, I agree with everything you said.~ The rule is simple; if you cannot afford to accept the way Rapmon is, then get your so called "true ARMY" ass outta here.
Now Rap Monster is not my bias, but who the hell dares mess with The Rap Monster? Who am I gonna beat up? People must be really idiots of they think that Rap Mon (aka the one who destroys or breaks everything😂) is ugly. Bish he is not so go get your eyes checked again
ahh these words touch me heh #GiveNamjoonLove ^~^
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