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Hello!! thought id share this article with you! anyway the point i amsharing is because this intrigued me and may intrigue you as well! ok so the title to this article is called "10 Reasons Why Anime Nerds are Highly Satisfied in Life" ok so when i read that wating for the page to load i thought : Here's some Stupid bitch who does not know a thing and is most likely dissing every anime lover ever!

But even though i got mad about the title i decided to keep reading the Article.... reading the article was actually a great thing! the article was nice and so very true about anime lovers! it made us sound very opening and happy in life (in my opinion anime makes my life extremely great!!)

This was a truly great Article (minus the title) and should be praised so anime lovers what do you think???

Normally i would not tag others for a post such as this but i would like to hear opinions and what you think makes us so awesome (if you wish to be un tagged then please tell me and ill take you off)

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As much as I hate click bait bullshit sites like "lifehack", the article was pretty well spot on, and even brought up a couple of points that I had never given thought to. The beginning was fucking offensive drivel meant to draw people in though. Think about it, if you dislike anime, it would appeal to you, and I and probably everyone else here read it thinking it was something to disprove. I was already preparing counter arguments in my head.
not offensive it was rather enjoy to read someone seeing why we love anime instead of saying "it's for kids why watch it?" or "that stuff is for people who don't have lives" kinda articles. Let's all be real here anime has taught us many things that we just don't get in the real world and to see the glass half full.
Well, this is probably the best article I've read on the subject. it was able to take my feelings and ideas on anime (and from the sound of it all of yours as well, mina) and put it in a very elegant and appealing way, even (or maybe especially) to non-anime lovers. This article was really beautiful and a joy to read. Arigato gozaimasu!
the article is true. I'm very satisfied in life and I do learn new things whether it's about life or a different language. that's why I enjoy watching anime.
I loved the article and it is the only one I've ever read that said something positive about Otaku's and anime in general
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