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The New Catacomb is a classic tale of A narcissistic man who conquored a woman and then sent her away ruined back in a time when a woman's reputation was to be spotless. Not only did this narcissist hurt the woman but he deeply offended the man that was going to marry her and the way this narcissistic man meets his end is poetic justice. Though i dont suppose i would wish this upon anyone in real life, truth be told, they do deserve it. I love this story. Listening to it, all the while, i knew what it was leading up to. I was not surprised at the ending but it brought a smile to my face, nonetheless. ☺ This story is brilliant.
Brilliant. ACD was a brilliant writer. I have a beautiful collection of his works. <3 Thanks for posting this, @MelissaMae. I absolutely enjoy hearing a lovely voice reading brilliant literature!!
ACD was an incredible writer! I think one of my favorite parts of his stories is that even though the world he described was a cruel place, his heroes were always able to find justice somehow.
Thank you for sharing this ^_^