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Beyonce and Jay Z's 5th Anniversary celeb in Cuba
The couple was spotted walking the streets of Old Havana, Cuba, on Thursday. On the same day five years prior, the musical pair wed in an ultra-private ceremony at their Manhattan home. With Bey's mother Tina in tow, the security-flanked group took in sights and greeted locals. Jay looked every bit the vacationing mogul, rocking a Panama hat for their daytime tour, and later enjoying a brandy and a cigar at cocktail hour. While travel to Cuba is restricted by the U.S. government, various groups like artists and journalists are permitted access, as well as dignitaries and educators. credit:yahoo
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hahaha.. oh right! she's queen B! she can have 20 hair washers if she pleases to
5 years ago·Reply
beautiful pic of this couple
4 years ago·Reply
@RhondaBrown they're adorable.. but this pic has some stuff wrong :(
4 years ago·Reply
@shoenami ur right they're very over the top I think it's his over the top Northern stylish side verses her Texas country side they met somewhere in the middle and it went wrong just like blues hair.....bhaaaaa lol
4 years ago·Reply
@RhondaBrown lol yes.. and smoking a cigar on the streets of Cuba?? can he be more cliche?? XD
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