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(You know the drill. Tell me what ya think. I hope yall like it!! It was a request I got on WattPad.)
YOUR POV: "Babe?" I hear his soft voice behind me. I place the plate back into the sudsy water and dry off my hands; turning to face him. "Yes?" I ask, drying my hands with a dish towel. "Do you remember how we first met?" He asks, walking over to me. I nod and can't fight the smile that makes it to my face. Followed by an embarrassing blush that comes after. "Oh. A little too well." I chuckle. "Awe~~It wasn't bad." He smiles, wrapping his arms around my waist. I place the towel on the counter. "Yeah, I know. It was sweet though." I laugh, starting to remember that day. --Flashback, three years ago-- I can't believe I let Eun-Mi drag me here. I look over and see her flirting with the cabana boy. I shake my head. It has been a couple weeks since I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half. I found out he was cheating on me with my intern. Eun-Mi dragged me here in hopes of me finding someone else. It seems as if she found someone else and I'm just a third wheel. I sip my Virgin Shirley Temple (its sweetened club soda with cherry syrup and has maracchino cherries in it) and look around the beach. I look at a group of boys playing beach football. One of the boys throw the ball too far and it lands next to me, in the sand. "Really, Changkyun?!?" The taller one ask, laughing. "Oops, my bad." He laugh back. "Wonho-hyung can you go get it?" He asks, the one with black hair. "Alright, alright. But you owe me maknae." He laughs, starting to run over here. "Aww, can't you just get it out of your love for me?" He asks. "Nope!" He calls back. I get out of my seat and pick up the ball. "Uhh....excuse me ma'am." I hear his voice. I look up and immediately become stunned by his smile. He has an amazing smile. "Oh...hi. sorry." I stand up straight and hand the ball. Our hands brush and I see a small blush make its way to his cheeks. I smile. "What's your name?" I ask him. "Oh my name is HoSeok." He tells me. "But they just called you WonHo." I point out. He blushes and rubs the back of his neck. I swear he looks familiar. Maybe I've seen him around. "Yeah. Thats kinda a nickname they gave me." He chuckles. "Well, it's cute. Can i call you WonHo?" I ask. "Of course." He smiles up at me and I feel a blush make its way to my cheeks. I have never reacted like this to a guy's smile. "Yoo!! WonHo!! Stop flirting and throw us the ball!!" I hear one of the guys calls. His face turns red and he hisses in mock pain at the guys comment. "Awww! Come on, ShowNu!! I was on a roll!!" He calls back, throwing them the ball. 'ShowNu' catches the ball and laughs at him. I couldn't help but laugh too. He turns back to me. "Sorry about them. They are kinda idiots." He chuckles. "Its okay." I smile at him. I offer him a seat next to me. He sits down and we start talking. Apparently, we went to the same high school. Thats why he looked familiar. He just matured a bit. "Hey, (Y/N)." I turn to my friend. "Yeah?" I ask her. "I'm gonna go. Are you staying here?" She started collecting her things. "Yeah. I want to stay here." I smile back at HoSeok. He smiles back. "Awww!! You two are adorable. I'll be going now.." she waves goodbye. But she turns back around and mouths, 'Tell me all about it later!' I laugh at her and continue talking to HoSeok. Liking him more and more with each passing minute. --Present day-- "That day was fun, wasn't it?" He asks. "Yes, it was. I still can't believe you ditched your friends to talk to me." I look up at him. He is smirking down at me. "Well, of course I did. I wanted to get to know you. And plus, who wouldn't want to talk to a beautiful girl when given the chance?" He asks. I look down and blush. He places his hand on my cheek and strokes it gently. I like back up at him to see him looking down at me lovingly. "I love you so much, (Y/N)." He sighs. "I love you too, WonHo." I use his nickname. He shakes his head and kisses my forehead, lingering there for a bit. From just that forehead kiss, I could feel so many emotions. The main one: Love.
This is so cute. Why cant it happen in real life lol
so cute like the whole back story
awwww so,cuuttee!!!! great job!