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Here are all the anime that the United States is planning to make live actions for. If this is true then this is truly how we all die I mean just enhanced what they did to Dragon Ball (and The last air bender) ...may god have mercy on our souls
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@VinMcCarthy specially in the u.s like...they going to cast a full American cast and mess all the names up
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@SeoInHan especially for Bleach. the whole concept of a shinigami is a distinctly japanese cultural thing. I don't think it will make a sensible transition
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@VinMcCarthy I can imagine them trying to say names like Toushiro and Genryuusai omg
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lol 😊
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well this should go over like a lead balloon. Why must the US ruin everything I like? They can't even get dubs right 😭
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